Nov 9, 2009

Siberian Cold And Hurricane Ida

While most of the United States enjoys a late-season warm spell, with Woodward Oklahoma reporting 90 degrees on both Friday and Saturday, Siberia is already experiencing temps down to -40. Compare the hemispheric 850 mb analysis chart from this time last year with the current one.
Meanwhile, category two Hurricane Ida is moving into moderately strong wind shear and water temperatures in the mid-70s in the northern Golf Of Mexico and should weaken considerably. The main impact will be flooding rains in areas that have already had more than enough.

As odd as it may seem, the Mid Atlantic may get the worst effects from wind and coastal flooding if Ida stalls out off the coast of North Carolina on Wednesday and produces an extended period of 40 knot+ onshore flow with the help of a 1030 mb high over the Great Lakes.

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