Nov 19, 2009

Pacific Storm Update And Beijing Snow

Look at these high resolution water vapor images of the storm now located in the Bering Sea.It is rare to see a storm that wound up. It maintained a minimum pressure of 952 for 12 hours after my last update (from 6z-18z on Nov. 19th) and stayed under 960 for 24 (0z 19th-0z 20th). Despite going through an area with very sparse observations, buoy 46035 recorded 56.3 knot wind gusts and buoy 46071, near the west end of the Aleutians, recorded 44.6 foot waves. Quikscat estimated winds of 65 knots just south of the storm's center.While the Russians think they can stop it from snowing, the Chinese have claimed that the unusual early snow on November 1st in Beijing was 'artificially induced'. But with 850 temperatures around -13C, it would have required quite an effort to stop it from snowing.A satellite image from that day reveals that a wide swath of snowfall swept for hundreds of miles across China before reaching Beijing, and without the slightest hint that the snow was enhanced at all in or near the city.If anything, it looks like lighter amounts fell in the city itself compared to the surrounding area.

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