Nov 16, 2009

Moscow Snow

It made big headlines about a month ago: "Moscow Mayor Promises A Winter Without Snow" (See full story here). The problem is, it snowed yesterday in Moscow all morning and again in the evening (2AM-12:30PM, and 8PM-11PM Moscow time, +9 from Central US), at times cutting visibility to under a mile. The snow comes just one day after the scheduled start of a plan to have the air force spray the clouds with chemicals in order to stop snow from reaching Moscow. I have not seen any news reports of the snowstorm or of any attempt to prevent it. It was claimed that the clouds would be sprayed only to prevent "very big and serious snow", and it seems that a snowstorm which is heavy enough to drop visibility to 0.9 miles with winds of only 6.7 mph should qualify.

During the weekend, a large cutoff low put down 6-12 inches of snow in the Denver area, up to 15 inches in the nearby higher mountains and over 5 inches in Goodland, Kansas. Snow depth as of midnight last night: Lighter amounts of snow fell further east today including Dodge City, Wichita (average first snow Dec 2), and Kansas City.

With the cold air wrapping around the back side of this storm, freeze warnings are now active for the higher elevation hill country north and west of Austin and San Antonio including Del Rio.

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