Nov 12, 2009

Remnant Of Hurricane Ida

The remnant of Hurricane Ida has deepened to 992 mb just off the North Carolina coast today. This is 7 mb lower than when it made landfall near Mobile, Alabama as a tropical storm on Tuesday morning.With a strong 1033 mb polar high over New England, the resulting pressure gradient is enough to produce northeast winds sustained at over 50 knots and gusts over 60 along the coast of Virginia (station CHYV2) and waves over 26 feet (station 44009). A storm warning (purple) has been issued from northern North Carolina to central New Jersey including southern Chesapeake Bay.Flood and coastal flood advisories are shown in various shades of green, and high wind warnings are in orange. The lighter purple shade over Charlottesville and Harrisonburg is for freezing rain later tonight expected for elevations above 2,500 feet.

At 9 o'clock PM EST at Virginia Beach, rain heavy enough to cut visibility to 3/4 of a mile was reported, and over 9 inches of rain had already fallen since Tuesday night. A look at the local radar shows no end in sight - Virginia Beach is just southeast of Norfolk.Winds at Virginia Beach gusted to 59 mph from 6-8 o'clock PM today.

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