Jan 12, 2011

Active Winter Weather

The storm which was mentioned in my last post dropped to 978 mb in western Colorado on December 30th:
On December 31st, it produced widespread blizzard conditions in the Northern Plains and tornadoes in Missouri and Arkansas which killed 7 people. Water vapor image during the outbreak:
On January 1st, Tucson had a low temperature of 21, beating the old record of 22 set in 1919. Kitt Peak had a low of -3, breaking the all-time record of 2 set on January 31st 1979. The old record for January 1st was 12 set in 1976. Kitt Peak is at 6790 feet, and records go back to 1960. On January 2nd, Bisbee had a low of 10, breaking the old record of 16 set in 1951.

On January 2nd a storm in the Bering Sea was at 958 mb:On January 9th, this storm dumped up to 11" of snow (Florence) and 3" of sleet (Lowndesboro) on Alabama.Wrightsville, Georgia was later hit with 1.5" of freezing rain.

This storm has merged with a Midwestern storm today over New England, and is producing heavy snow. A blizzard warning is in effect for Boston.Another hard freeze is ongoing for the Gulf states. Hard freeze warnings (dark blue) are active for much of the Gulf Coast and freeze warnings (light blue) go down to southern Florida:
An intensifying storm in the Pacific is hitting Hawaii with very heavy rain today:
All Hawiian Islands are under flash flood watches. A flash flood warning has been issued for Oahu. A winter storm warning is in effect for Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.

As the strong La Nina continues, severe flooding is occurring in Australia. See amazing video here.

On December 28th, the German Weather Service announced that Berlin had the snowiest December in 110 years. In Ireland, the cold temperatures are causing pipes to burst. In Britain, some are saying that the cold winter is caused by global warming.

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