Jan 17, 2011

Snow Cover, Hawaii and North Pacific Storm

A nor'easter which was mentioned in my last post looked like this later the same day (January 12th):This storm put down as much as 40.5" of snow in northwestern Massachusetts (Savoy). Several reports of thunder snow were received from eastern Massachusetts.

On January 12th, after the southern component of this storm hit the south with heavy snow, and the northern part snowed on the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region, 70.9% of the Contiguous US was covered by snow:
Hawaii continued to have unusually active weather on January 13th, including this heavy squall line which hit Molokai and Maui:There was even a supercell south of Oahu:
A North Pacific storm located at about 45N latitude and 167E longitude was at 933 mb as of 6Z January 17:
A visible image of the storm from 00:32Z:
Recent infrared image from 11:32Z:
On the 0Z analysis chart, 300 mb wind speeds appear to be around 220 knots just west of the surface low:

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