Jan 19, 2011

North Pacific Storm and Hawaii

Visible satellite images of the North Pacific storm which was still at 933 mb at 18Z on January 17th:Yesterday, buoy 46073 in the southeast Bering Sea reported 28.9 foot waves and wind gusts to 60 knots.

This upper low is drifting over Hawaii today:
High surf warnings have been issued for most of the Hawaiian islands as well as winter storm warnings for Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea above 8,000 feet, and Haleakala above 6,000 feet. At today's 12Z sounding from Lihue, temperatures were 11.0C at 850 mb and -0.1C at 700 mb. On January 17th, Lihue had a low temperature of 57.

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