Feb 1, 2011

Winter Storm Update

Blizzard warnings (red) have been extended to include Detroit and winter storm warnings (pink) to the East Coast for most of new England.A storm warning (purple) has been issued for southern Lake Michigan, tornado watch (yellow) for Louisiana and Mississippi, Hard Freeze warnings (dark blue) for the Texas and Louisiana coasts including Brownsville, and freeze warnings (light blue) for Phoenix and Tucson.

The main surface low has deepened to 998 mb over Arkansas, and a huge 1055 mb is over Montana:A severe squall line developed in Texas and is now moving through Louisiana:
Airports have been closed in Dallas where winds have gusted to 51 mph with thunder snow. Oklahoma City is currently reporting heavy snow, a temperature of 8, winds gusting to 51 mph and 1/8 mile visibility.

Current indications are that large accumulations of ice are possible in southern Illinois, southern Indiana, central Ohio, central Pennsylvania, and southern New England.

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