Jan 30, 2014

Gulf Coast Winter Storm 2

On January 28th and 29th, unusually cold air spread across the Gulf Coast:
Snow accumulated along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida:

With chinook winds in place across the Plains, this led to the strange situation of having no snow cover in Nebraska, and having snow cover in Florida. New Orleans received freezing rain. Freezing rain accumulated 0.1" at Mobile, AL; 0.25" at Gulf Breeze, FL (near Pensacola); 0.25" at Fort Walton Beach, FL; 0.5" at Sylvania, GA; and 0.75" at Summerton, SC. Sleet accumulations include 0.75" at Alexandria, LA; 0.9" at Kenrwood, LA; 2" at Tylertown, MS; 1.25" at Grove Hill, AL; 0.8" at Mobile, AL; and 2.3" at Newport, NC. Heavy snow fell right along the Atlantic Coast, for example 9.8" at Virginia Beach, VA.

A hard freeze warning is active this morning (Jan 30) across the Gulf Coast:
Temperatures this morning have dropped to 25 at New Orleans, 16 at Mobile, and 22 at Pensacola.

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