Dec 9, 2010

Winter Weather in North America and Europe

Freezing fog was reported this morning in northern Louisiana including at Alexandria:

It was thick and persistent enough that a freezing fog advisory was issued.

On the morning of December 7th, International Falls hit -19F.

The low temperature of 50F at Cancun yesterday morning (December 8th) was the coldest ever for the entire month of December.

In Britain, the Army was called in to help clear away snow as temperatures dropped to -15C (5F). Additionally, it was found that at the station with the longest temperature record in the world (since 1659, although daily records began in 1772) in central England, the last week in November and first week in December were the coldest ever. The Eiffel Tower was closed after Paris was hit with the heaviest one-day snow (11 cm) since 1987.

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