Jan 14, 2010

Ireland Snow & North Pacific Jet Stream

It's not just Britain that has become completely snow covered - Ireland was also completely covered with snow on January 11/12.
from national ice center
It was reported that on the 10th several centimeters of snow forced Cork airport in extreme southern Ireland to close. Snow also covers most of France and even Spain. Normally, snow cover wouldn't even extend west of Germany:In the Pacific, a 220 knot jet stream has developed east of Japan at about 35N latitude.This jet stream is a result of the temperature contrast between the warm North Pacific Current, which is now up to 57F at 40N latitude, and the arctic air over Alaska, which was as cold as -51F at Bettles and -56F at Fort Yukon today. A 952 mb surface trough developed in the left exit region yesterday at 45N latitude.Today, it deepened to 947 mb and is at 49N.The water vapor imagery speaks for itself:When that jet stream hits California next week, widespread flooding can be expected.Given this trajectory, cooler conditions are likely to follow for the west coast. This is what is indicated by the latest GFS:

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