Dec 18, 2009

Global Warming?

As President Obama returns from the global warming summit in Copenhagen, where it has been snowing since Tuesday, a massive snowstorm is just now moving into Washington DC, with around two feet of accumulation likely.Long Island is under a blizzard warning and will likely get around 15 inches. Severe thunderstorms swept through Florida today including one which produced a tornado on Key West. Heavy rain hit New Orleans yesterday and brought the monthly total to 24.25 inches. Looking upstream, another brutal storm is on the way which could hit the Midwest with two feet of snow and the lower Mississippi Valley with a major tornado outbreak next week.In Valdez, Alaska, a storm of 972 mb, with a track from 37N, 160W, (straight north of Kauai) to southeast Alaska, put down over 6 feet of snow.

In Moscow, heavy snow fell on December 7, and fell for ten days in a row, from December 5 to December 14, followed by temperatures dropping to -18F. The mayor who wanted to use cloud seeding to stop it from snowing, is now blaming weather forecasters.

Snow even fell in Melbourne, Australia (latitude 37S) on December 10th - despite being only three weeks from the solstice.

Snowcover for the northern hemisphere is more extensive then normal, particularly for Europe and Asia.The fact is, heavy snow, floods, tornadoes, and all of the above are entirely inconsistent with greenhouse warming. According to every global warming computer model, greenhouse warming should be strongest in polar regions especially in winter, and in the upper troposphere in the mid-latitudes and tropics. This would weaken meridional temperature gradients and reduce vertical lapse rates thus weakening jet streams and reducing thermodynamic instability.

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