Oct 29, 2009

Colorado Blizzard

A snowstorm in Colorado has already dumped over two feet of snow in central of Colorado today, including the Denver - Boulder - Fort Collins area, and it's still coming down. Over 40 inches accumulated in the higher elevations. Blizzard warnings (red) are currently in effect for northeast Colorado including Limon and Sterling. Winter storm warnings are in pink, winter weather advisories are in purple, and freeze warnings are in light blue. Severe weather watches (yellow) are in effect for the lower Mississippi valley, while various flood advisories extend into Missouri Iowa and Illinois.

As of yesterday, Cheyenne, Wyoming had two feet of snow for the month of October, breaking a record set in 1906. North Platte broke their October snowfall record a week ago with 18 inches.

Freeze warnings are in effect for El Paso and Midland in Texas, and Tucson, Arizona, where the average first freeze is November 24th.

Brutal winter weather has also been affecting Europe. The blizzard that I mentioned as being on GFS charts at the end of this post on October 12th, hit Poland very hard and prompted the deployment of troops after 700,000 people lost power.

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