Sep 29, 2009

Strong Polar Front Pushes Into Gulf Of Mexico

A powerful clipper moving through the Great Lakes has pushed a cold front off the east coast, through central Florida, across the northern Gulf of Mexico and extreme south Texas.
Dewpoints are in the 40s along the Gulf Coast - and even 42 at Tallahassee:
A rare September severe thunderstorm/tornado outbreak is expected in the Central Plains tomorrow:A limiting factor however, may be the rather limited moisture that was left behind after such a strong polar intrusion. Dewpoints across Oklahoma and north Texas are mostly in the 30s and 40s:With 60+ dewpoints confined to southern Texas, it will be difficult for thunderstorms to develop in Kansas tomorrow until after dark. It will just take that long for the good moisture to get there - even on the 40 knot low level jet that is forecast by 12z.

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